"Mondays With William" is an inspiring CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Documentary News series that follows the heartening friendship between Artist William Laga and altruistic Patron of the Arts, Marcelle Danan.

The beginning of every week starts just the same … by Danan picking Laga up and the journey begins! First stop, the duo is off to purchase blank canvas and a beautiful array of paints that soon will become extraordinary works of art.
Locked in Laga's mind are intense hues and a combination of colors … its Danan who holds the key! His vision gets its first breath, as Laga mixes the chromas and prepares to paint! Side by side, Danan encourages Laga as his paintings flow from his soul and come to life. Its like watching a symphony .. Seamless and beautiful, with one note flowing in to the next. As the day comes to an end, Danan beams, "I love my Mondays With William!" And as sure as the sun sets, a new week is budding on the horizon …

Another Monday sure to rise, and yet another day for Danan and Laga to come together and create a piece of art directly from their hearts.